GENERAL THINGS YOU WILL NEED FOR COLLEGE & BEYOND (I will go over these in class too)

GoogleDocs allows you to write documents and store them online (it’s a cloud system): this means you never need a flash drive and all changes you make are automatically stored online.

Dropbox is another cloud storage system, and it recently made it possible for you to edit Office documents online. You will be using Dropbox to turn in papers and maintain your portfolio this semester, along with storing all relevant course materials in general.


Check out the LaGuardia Library MLA Citation Guide. You might also want to explore the OWL Purdue site if you need a bit more information or have a source not covered on the LaGuardia site.

You can also use EasyBib via the LaGuardia Library site (you can access this with no sign-in at school, but at home you’ll need to use your LaGuardia log-in information): be aware that you sometimes will need to double-check/tweak the citation.


Free apps for listening to podcasts:

  • Podcast Addict (Android)
  • Overcast (iOs)
  • TuneIn Radio (iOs & Android)

To create/edit podcasts:

  • I suggest you mostly use Audacity: it’s free, open source, and it’s on the computers in the labs at LaGuardia.

There are tons of tutorials on how to edit with Audacity. Start here and here. You’ll also want to check out the Audacity Tutorial page, which is a bit more technical but very useful. Youtube tutorials are below.

Editing for Podcasts using Audacity

How to import audio files using Audacity

How to edit files in Audacity

Editing & adding multiple files in Audacity

Combining multiple tracks in Audacity, including fading in & out

How to add voice effects and get rid of background noise in Audacity

GarageBand (on iOs devices)


If you did recordings on an iPhone, you will need to convert the files from M4A format to a format you can work with in Audacity. Here are some options for doing that:


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